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Hårdvara Endpunkter

(TC7.3.8 was released 13th of February 2017 and is the latest rekommended update to the release summary)

Release summary
• This is a minor release and contains various bug fixes.

The following releases has been deferred Wednesday 4th of May for all platforms as a result of the above vulnerability:
TC7.2.0, TC7.2.1, TC7.3.2, TC7.3.3 TC7.3.4 and TC7.3.5

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Cisco C-Series (C20, C40, C60, C90, EX60, EX90, MX200, MX300)
Cisco C-Series TC7.3.8 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco SX10 (SX10)
Cisco SX10 TC7.3.8 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco SX20, MXG2 (SX20 och MX G2 series)
Cisco SX20, MXG2 TC7.3.8 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco SX80, MX700, MX800 (SX20, MX700 och MX800 series)
Cisco SX80, MX700 och MX800 TC7.3.8 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco TE-Series (E20, End of Life, Last Date of Support: Okt 31, 2017)
Cisco TE-Series TE4.1.4 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco MXP Series (MXP 880, 1700, 3000, 6000, Edge 75/85/95)
Cisco MXP Series F9.3.3 (rekommenderad release)

Mjukvara Endpunkter

MOVI / Jabber Video 4.8.12 (Komplett paket)
MOVI / Jabber Video 4.8.12 (Windows) (rekommenderad release)
MOVI / Jabber Video 4.8.12 (MAC) (rekommenderad release)


Cisco Border Controller (rekommenderad release)
Cisco Gatekeeper (rekommenderad release)
Cisco Content Server
Cisco Content Server (rekommenderad release)
Cisco IP Gateway (rekommenderad release)
Cisco ISDN GW 3200 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco TP Conductor v2.4.1 Virtual Initial Install (rekommenderad release)
Cisco TP Conductor v2.4.1 Virtual Upgrade / Appliance Box (rekommenderad release)
Cisco Telepresence MCU Server 3×0 v4.0(2.8) (rekommenderad release)
Cisco MSE and Codian MCU v.4.5(1.85) (rekommenderad release)
Version 4.5(1.45) is a software version supported by the following MCU hardware platforms:
Cisco TelePresence MSE Series
Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 Series
Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500 Series
Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series

Cisco MCU MPS200 and MPS800 j4.7.1 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco TMS
If upgrading from 13.2.x or any earlier version using the legacy provisoning feature, you must migrate to Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension v1.0 before upgrading to Cisco TMS 14.1.1.
Note that this migration requires Cisco TMS version 13.2; if currently using an older version, you must:
1. Upgrade Cisco TMS to 13.2.2.
2. Install Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension 1.0.
3. Migrate your provisioning database following the instructions in Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension v1.0 Deployment Guide for Cisco TMS 13.2.
4. Upgrade to Cisco TMS 14.1.1.

Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension 1.8.0 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco TMS 15.3.0 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco VCS
Cisco VCS X8.8.2 (rekommenderad release)
Cisco MSE 8050 Supervisor (rekommenderad release)
Cisco MSE 8400-Series (rekommenderad release)
Cisco MSE 8500-Series (rekommenderad release)